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Hannowell's "Green Energy" Landed China
      On 18th, October 2011, the "Green Energy" technology was brought to China. The ceremony began at 10 o'clock, and CEO Mr. Gong attended the ceremony with an officer from PetroChina, company directors from the whole country and all the company staff.
      At 11 o'clock, CEO Mr. Gong pressed the start button with an officer from PetroChina at 11 o'clock. They presented the production process to the customers.  The technology "creates" a kind of new fuel, a mixture of 80% diesel oil and 20% water, which is not only similar to ordinary diesel oil, but also is environment friendly. It was confirmed that it would bring a new vision to the strategy of sustainable development.
 The Significance of "Green Energy"  
     "Green Energy" is not the real diesel, so it cannot be compared with GB diesel. As a kind of new fuel, it is merely similar to diesel in usage and some essential characters, such as water repellency, diesel-solubility, lubricating property, dynamic property and durability based on no harm to the engines. Meanwhile, “Green Diesel” owns some advantages over GB diesel, such as environmental protection property and economic character.
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