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China Tour of Hannowell's "Green Energy" Technology

      For a better learn and use of "Green Energy", Hannowell started their China tour on 3nd November 2011, which covered the most parts of the South of China.
Operation Process

1. Device

The vehicle-carriable device (hereinafter referred to as Device) is supplied by Hannowell Beijing Office (hereinafter referred to as Technical service supplier) and delivered to their designated locations.

2. Processing Site, Main Power and Storage Tank (supplied by clients)

1) Processing Site
The safe site for normal working of Device (indoor is preferred), area 260m² above.

2) Main Power
Necessary power: AC380V/50Hz; NRP: circulation pump 2.5KW, main engine 3KW.

3) A storage tank with mixer, which could mix diesel oil with water and additive; volume according to clients' will; connection mode, connecting with Device suction valve: rubber joint with screw thread connection.

4) A normal storage tank, volume according to clients' requirement; connection mode, connecting with Device discharge valve: rubber joint with screw thread connection.

5) Preparing Process (responsible by clients)
a. Mix diesel and water 4:1 (acc. weight ratio, time: 15min with special mixer or 25min with circulation pump);
b. Add 0.5-1% stabilizer emusit (acc. the assumption weight of diesel and water; provided by technical service supplier), and then mix again (time: 15min with special mixer or 25min with circulation pump until oyster white solution formed)

Note: Mix is significant and should be conducted exactly.

Production Process (responsible by technical service supplier)

1. Shear the solution through Device one or two times (one time for GB diesel oil), and then mixed fuel out with light cyan color;

2. Provide 50-100L sample for testing before produce in a large scale;

3. Stop Device after 10-hour-operation;

4. Outlet pressure should be maintained between 5-7Kg;

5. The circulation pump and the main engine should be full of diesel oil or "Green Energy" all time and not be empty or water instead.
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